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Holiday in Matruh – Matruh Travel for . not so much a political philosophy as a moral doctrine.7 Dahl is effectively embracing Weber’s famous distinction between the ethic of responsibility that is appropriate for political affairs and the ethic of ultimate ends that pertains to matters of conscience. The ethic of ultimate ends holds that good intentions are of paramount concern in judging the rightness of actions and that the unintended ramifications of good actions may be ignored. The ethic of responsibility, in contrast, gives an account of and takes responsibility for the foreseeable results of one’s action. The ethic of responsibility also regretfully accepts the fact that, to achieve good ends, one must be willing to pay the price of using morally dubious means or at least dangerous ones.8 The use of force is considered by Dahl and Weber to be the dangerous but necessary means to protect civil liberties and social order. Holiday in Matruh – Matruh Travel 2016.

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