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Holiday in Maranhao – Maranhao Travel for would have been a powerful clue as to the identity of the baby. After a few more predawn observing sessions, it would have been natural for the Magi to conclude that what was unfolding in the eastern sky was a heavenly dramatization of an earthly virgin’s conception, pregnancy, and delivery of a baby, that this baby was the Messiah, and that the celestial birth would coincide with the terrestrial birth. In addition, the length of the scepter would have grown larger with every passing day, underlining that Num. was being fulilled. During the rest of the comet’s time in the eastern sky the Magi would not only have been following developments closely but also presumably would have been eagerly learning more about the prophesied Messiah. In addition, they may have been making preparations to travel to Judea as soon as the astronomical drama in the eastern sky was over. Between October evening, when the cometary coma found itself at Ophiuchus’s lower left leg Ophiuchi, and the th evening, the comet jumped almost degrees to the space between his right thigh and the top of Sagittarius’s bow. Holiday in Maranhao – Maranhao Travel 2016.

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