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Holiday in Mandalay – Mandalay Travel for With such a large cometary baby at that location within Virgo, those watching the celestial drama in the eastern sky naturally assigned great pain to Virgo. The slow descent of the cometary baby over the next few days, coupled with its still-increasing size, would have reinforced the perception that the labor was painful. October and were probably perceived to be the climax of Virgo’s pain, since it was at that point that the widest part of the baby was passing through her vaginal opening. Remarkably, the throne of Virgo had suddenly been transformed into a birthing chair! See fig. FIG Virgo begins active labor on October , BC. Image credit Sirscha Nicholl. This extraordinary size of the coma was due to the largeness of the comet nucleus, the productive nature of the comet, its intrinsic brightness, the small perihelion distance, and the fact that the nucleus on October ? was only about AU from Earth roughly the distance of Mercury from the Sun. Holiday in Mandalay – Mandalay Travel 2016.

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