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FAUNA : No special birds or animals of outstanding interest for the tourist are to be found in Portugal. The Lisbon Zoo at Parque das Larangeiras, Estrada de Benfica, has one of the finest collections of live animals in Europe, and beautiful gardens.

FLORA . . Visit the Botanical Garden, Rua da Escola Poli-tecnica, Lisbon, with exotic, local flora, and the Greenhouse at Parque Eduardo VII, one of the best in Europe. The Forest of Monsanto is one of Lisbon‚„s many attractions, with the belvedere of Montes Claros overlooking the Tagus River.

FOOD : 1 Portuguese cuisine is delicious. Bacalhau a Gomes de Sd, a very special dish prepared with codfish, is worth trying. At the Nicola, one of the many cafes in Lisbon, you can try the tasty bacalhau a Nicola, a dish that is served on Fridays. For those who like a good steak, the bife na frigideira, which is served in all restaurants, is a delicious dish. Caldo verde is a soup made with mashed potatoes and thinly sliced cabbage, unbelievably good. Iscas com elas is another national dish made with thin slices of liver very specially seasoned and served with French-fried potatoes.

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