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Holiday in Lavalleja – Lavalleja Travel for A false consciosness is like a ernicios hynotic trance in that it cases the victim to artake of a system designed to exloit him It kees the worker from actively rsing his own good, which according to Marx wold be best served by fomenting revoltion Like the libertines criticized by lato, the victims of ideology described by Marx are articlarly resistant to liberation becase they already believe themselves to be free To be ositively free one mst not only be nhindered by external constraints from doing what one wants to do One mst also be nhindered by internal constraints from rsing one’s tre interests Internal constraints may consist of beliefs, attitdes, vales, redisositions, and deficiencies in atitde that revent one from secring one’s objective needs Examles of sch constraints wold be osthynotic sggestions, irrational imlses, aetites, assions and hobias, weaknesses of character, false consciosness, ignorance, lack of skill, and shortsighted jdgment Holiday in Lavalleja – Lavalleja Travel 2016

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