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Holiday in Kronoberg – Kronoberg Travel for Indeed, ostmodernists arge that self-knowledge is in itself, at base, a recognition of 1 1 8 thinking olitics difference Commenting on Jacqes Derrida’s thoght, Todd May writes, And since one’s own identity is formed throgh reflection, it can be said aradoxically that identity is formed on the basis of a nonidentity with oneself, temorarily and satially One is oneself by way of never qite being oneself30 To cltivate the conditions for self-knowledge, one mst remain oen to differences within and beyond the self In a olitical context, this means that the exercise of ower mst be mtal and diversity mst not be sressed As olitical animals, we are brdened and rivileged with the constrction and contestation of or identities Learning how the ower to constrct and contest identity is wielded, and determining how it oght to be constrained, is a central concern of olitical life and a central task of olitical theory Holiday in Kronoberg – Kronoberg Travel 2016

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