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Holiday in Jra – Jra Travel for We may do so becase we find action necessary and desirable given a world that never stos trning Desite inevitable dobts abot the validity of or knowledge and the worthiness of or commitments, action of some sort is navoidable Hence we emloy or assmtions, beliefs, and vales as fondations for or action, however temorary and nstable these fondations are admitted to be By nderlining the ncertainty of or knowledge, irony also nderlines the ncertainty of or actions Reading in the newsaer that a yong athlete nexectedly died of a heart attack or that a rich tycoon was robbed in the street and left withot a dime for a hone call, one might say, How ironic! The irony here lies not only in the frailty of hman life bt also in the thwarting of even the greatest efforts to control its twists and trns However one may shore one’s defenses against what Hamlet calls otrageos fortne, one often can do no better than exect the nexected For the ironist of ostmodern times no less than the ironist of ancient Greece, a sense of the tragic ervades life Holiday in Jra – Jra Travel 2016

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