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The Tessin : The Italian-speaking section of Switzerland officially begins at Airolo, the exit of the St. Gotthard Tunnel, but the region most attractive to vacationists is concentrated in the Lugano-Locarno area. These two cities share the fabulous lakes of Lugano and Maggiore with neighboring Italy. From March through November one may be reasonably sure of warm, sunny weather in the Tessin. Tennis, golf and water sports (including water skiing) predominate. In Lugano, see the impressive Bernardino Luini frescoes in the tiny church of Santa Maria degli Angioli. Funiculars take you to the heights of Monte Bre, Monte San Salvatore and Monte Generoso, each offering a superb panorama. Lugano‚„s leading hotels are the Splendide, Palace, and Parc au Lac. Just outside Lugano is La Romantica, a restaurant that richly deserves its name. Housed in the former villa of an Italian nobleman, this restaurant is the last word in old-world elegance and its terraces offer a rare view of Lake Lugano. Locarno, on Lake Maggiore, is smaller and more resort-like than Lugano. Nearby Ascona is a favorite resort of European artists, writers and musicians gay, informal. The delightfully primitive mountain village of Ronco is worth a day‚„s excursion. The lake view from its churchyard is unforgettable. Also recommended is a visit to the Isle of Brissago. Take plenty of color film with you, for the Botanical Gardens are world famous.

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