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Be sure to visit the Gothic Cathedral, built almost directly over the site of the original Roman Temple of Jupiter. Do not miss the fine Monastery of Montserrat, with its wonderful boy choir, and its Black Virgin. Barcelona abounds in monuments, religious and civic, ancient ruins, modern architecture, and has at least a dozen museums. Do not forget that Pablo Picasso, Nonell, Salvador Dali, Fortuny, Pablo Casals, Xavier Cugat and many other well-known artists come from this part of Spain. Barcelona is the place, above all, to eat seafood, best of the entire Mediterranean. It has music in its restaurants which is famous throughout the country and superlative bullfights.

Costa Brava, known as the Spanish Riviera, stretches north to the French frontier. Charming, beautiful and unspoiled.* Few large de luxe hotels, but many small inns where comfort and food is supreme. No night clubs, but wonderful food, bathing, etc., and a type of personal service that you don‚„t find, for example, on the French Riviera. Good hotels on the Costa Brava are Hostal de la Gavina in S‚„Agaro, Carabela and Rosamar, Lloret de Mar, and Ancora, Tossa de Mar.

For tours of the Costa Brava, or Andorra, the tiny independent state in the Pyrenees between France and Spain (can be reached only in summer), apply to any travel agency. All-inclusive excursions lasting four or five days cost 1,000 to 2,000 pesetas.

Valencia Ancient, beautiful Valencia, rich in historical interest, lies in the heart of the ‚“Huerta de Valencia,‚ the rich plain that has Spain‚„s choicest orange and lemon groves. Hotel Excelsior, Hotel Reina Victoria. The climate is dry and very mild, the lush land produces several crops each season; there are flowers in profusion everywhere. There are the imported relics of old Greece. The province was once the independent Moorish Kingdom of Valencia (1021 a.d.); it was retaken by Spain‚„s national hero, El Cid, and then lost again to the Arabs. It belonged to Aragon, then to Castile. See the many white houses, showing the Moorish influence, the many, monuments.

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