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Holiday in Fujian – Fujian Travel for It would have been natural to relect on recent celestial history for a narrative explanation of the conception; the recent clothing of Virgo by the Sun may have seemed to provide the obvious cause. The coma was probably regarded as having heliacally risen i.e., it was irst spotted by the Magi on the eastern horizon, rising in advance of the rising Sun on September or see Matt. and Rev. In view of the intensity of the brightness and the large size of the comet’s coma and tail in historical terms, and the shape and location of the coma, what a heliacal rising it was! And, to top it all off, at that moment, for the irst time the entire cometary scepter was visible standing up over the eastern horizon fig. FIG The Christ Comet on September , BC. Holiday in Fujian – Fujian Travel 2016.

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