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Northeast Switzerland: Off-the-beaten-path Switzerland, largely ignored by American tourists, is rich in attractions: pleasant rolling green country, the Rhine, lazy and meandering here; friendly, unspoiled peasantry, rich in folkore; relaxation, quiet. St. Gall, Switzerland‚„s textile and embroidery center, is the principal city of this region. Its Cathedral and Abbey, founded over a thousand years ago by an itinerant Irish monk named Gallus, are regarded as outstanding examples of rococo architecture, and the exquisite Abbey Library with its treasured manuscripts is one of the showplaces of Europe. Near Schaffhausen one may watch the spectacular Falls of the Rhine, while enjoying the gastronomic treat of freshly caught trout or salmon at Schloss Laufen, and then proceed to the story-blog village of Stein-am-Rhine, a perfectly preserved sixteenth-century town.

Not far away is the lovely Lake of Constance. Tourists lucky enough to be in Ap-penzell or Glarus at the end of April will see the Landsgemeinde, Europe‚„s oldest popular democratic political institution: the citizenry meets in the town square to decide upon important municipal issues; one man‚„s voice carries as much weight as his neighbor‚„s. Near Ap-penzell is the imposing Santis peak, with its breathtaking air-cable railway. From this 8,000-foot peak parts of Germany, Austria, and the Alpine range are visible. Throughout this region delightful country inns, very reasonably priced and serving delicious meals,’may be found. Charming hotels in St. Gall are the lm Portner, with 17 beautifully appointed suites and an incomparable restaurant, and the Hecht.
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