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Holiday in Falcon – Falcon Travel for To appreciate what the comet was doing each evening and night from about a week into their trip, when the comet was appearing at sunset in the southern sky, it may perhaps help to imagine a massive, transparent, hollow, rainbow-shaped arch. The bases of the arch remain on the ground while the arch is being hoisted up by its keystone until it is upright the arch represents the ecliptic, the path of the Sun across the sky. Now imagine that, each night, a streamer representing the tailed comet is being launched inside the transparent arched tube while the arch is being raised. The streamer is launched from about halfway along the arch when the arch has been raised up to a -degree angle this represents the comet at sunset. Then the streamer steadily makes its way to the end of the arch, reaching it when the arch is almost upright this represents the setting of the comet. You are standing between the bases of the arch. As the streamer moves along the rising arch, its whole orientation seems to you to change from being almost horizontal to being almost vertical. Holiday in Falcon – Falcon Travel 2016.

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