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Holiday in Delta Amacuro – Delta Amacuro Travel for Just as, when you watch someone walking over a hill, the person’s body gradually disappears, irst the feet and then upwards from there, so the comet disappeared slowly but surely from the coma upwards. From very shortly after they set out on their journey, right through until their arrival in Jerusalem, the ever-shortening comet would have been last seen in the west, in front of them. One can well imagine that, as the Magi approached Jerusalem, the Star seemed to set right over the city, appearing to signal that this was their final destination. The Star at the Climax of the Magi’s Journey The big question, of course, is What did the comet do on the day when the Magi traveled from Herod’s palace in Jerusalem to Bethlehem, and as they looked for the house where the baby Messiah was between November / and November /December , BC? The analogies used above are helpful for grasping what the comet did on each of those nights. As the Magi set out on their way, around sunset, the cometary coma appeared just under the ribbon connected to the tail of the western ish of Pisces in the south-southeast, the comet stretching back approximately ? degrees into Aries in the east. Over the couple of hours from the time when the comet did appear, as the Magi walked from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, it advanced, along with the ixed stars and constellations, to the south-southwest, precisely the direction of Bethlehem from Jerusalem. We shall consider November and in turn. Holiday in Delta Amacuro – Delta Amacuro Travel 2016.

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