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Holiday in Conakry – Conakry Travel for , International Critical Commentary Edinburgh T. & T. Clark, however, point to evidence that some ancient astrologers namely, Pseudo-Callisthenes and Firmicus Maternus, Math. regarded particular conjunctions as hailing a royal birth. Parpola, Magi and the Star, That Saturn could be regarded by Gentiles in this period as the planet of the Jews may be suggested by the anti-Semitic Roman historian Tacitus Hist. This association of Saturn and the Jews is present also in the writings of Augustine On the Harmony of the Gospels Shlomo Sela, Abraham Ibn Ezra and the Rise of Medieval Hebrew Science Leiden Brill points out that it is uncertain when precisely the idea was irst accepted by the Jews, but that the Babylonian Talmud did refer to Saturn as Shabtay Sabbath. Sela suggests that Ibn Ezra was the irst Jewish intellectual to develop the Saturn-Jews association in a macro-astrological scheme Strikingly, Amos see also Acts declared that the Israelites worshiped Saturn named Sikkuth and Kiyyun in Amos as their God in the eighth century BC and possibly even during the wilderness years. Holiday in Conakry – Conakry Travel 2016.

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