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Holiday in Ceara – Ceara Travel for Its movement through the heavens was evident within a single observing session. On October the comet passed over Sagittarius. On October it was located over Capricornus’s head and horns. The size of its jumps within the starry heavens from night to night was decreasing. Then on October it traveled along the left arm of Aquarius as envisioned by Ptolemy and above Capricornus’s tail-in, the next day over Aquarius’s right hip, and finally, on October over his water-jar and water fig. On October and the large coma was located where, according to Greek and some Babylonian traditions, the water-jar of Aquarius the Great One was. It may have prompted the Magi to recall the celestial scene in the irst week of August. Holiday in Ceara – Ceara Travel 2016.

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