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TRANSPORTATION : Taxis are likely to be hard to find, especially at bullfight time or when people are coming out of theaters; however, the number of modern taxis being put on the road in the largest cities is increasing every day. As a rule they cost less than the European average. In Spain the general rule is to stay off the trains and the local buses, both of which are usually crowded and somewhat antiquated. Important changes for the better include the new ‚“Talgo, smart Irun-Madrid, stainless-steel Diesel train, and also the electro-Diesel ‚“TAF‚ trains, which run regular schedules between Madrid and the more important cities, such as Barcelona. It is suggested that visitors to Spain make use of the services of Spain‚„s two airlines, Iberia and Aviaco, both of which have excellent safety records. For shorter distances hired cars are easy to arrange and reasonable in price. Modern sightseeing buses are also available in the largest cities.

WATER Water m Madrid and Barcelona is fine. In small towns better stick to bottled water. Best (natural) is Solares.

WHAT TO BUY .Jewelry and Toledo-ware; Talavera porcelains; mantillas; linens, gloves, lace and leather goods of every kind are superior; perfume is good, cheaper than French; and plenty of good pottery, glassware. Dozens of rare sherries or vintage brandies. Women‚„s dresses made by the best Spanish couturiers are available in Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian at very reasonable prices, from Balenciaga (called Eisa in Spain), Pedro Rodriguez, Asuncion Bas-tida, Pertegaz, and others. Men‚„s suits custom-made at between $60 and $70 can be ordered in Barcelona at Rabat Rambla, Cataluna 112 or in Madrid at Gonzalez y Garcia, Penalver, Montero and many others. Made-to-order shoes cost between $10 and $12.

WHAT TO WEAR Spaniards are a well-dressed people and somewhat conservative in their attire, therefore ladies‚„ slacks are not worn. Evening clothes are not necessary for tourists. Sports and beach-wear will be needed for seaside resorts;’however, ‚“bikinis‚ and abbreviated men‚„s trunks, French style, are not tolerated. It is suggested that ladies include a fur cape, which they will find handy after sundown during fall and spring months. Flat-heeled walking shoes should also be included if tourist haunts such as Toledo and the Escorial are to be visited. Lightweight suits for men for city wear, sports clothes elsewhere. It is customary to wear a jacket and tie in cities even in summer, though, strangely enough, hats are rarely seen either on men or women When entering a church, however, women wear hats or cover their heads with mantillas.

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