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Holiday in Bur Said – Bur Said Travel for The Tokugawa Shogunate’s collapse in 1868 ushered in the Meiji regime, which was dedicated to modernizing Japan’s economy. The New Currency Act, promulgated in 1871, replaced the Tokugawa gold ryo¯ with the yen and created a decimal system of sen and rin to denote tenths and hundredths of a yen. The government also adopted Western style round stamped coins made of gold, silver, and copper. In 1872, a German company was contracted to print the first paper yen notes. Eager to provide additional currency for Japan’s growing economy, the government also chartered private banks to print bank notes in the 1870s. Y-Z 933 Japan’s financial system had to be modified, however, after the Satsuma Rebellion contributed to rapid inflation in the late 1870s. To curb inflation and stabilize the yen, Finance Minister Matsukata Masayoshi established the BANK OF JAPAN in 1882 to centralize monetary control. Holiday in Bur Said – Bur Said Travel 2016.

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