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Holiday in Boke – Boke Travel for So, for example, Hughes, Star of Bethlehem Mystery Jean-Pierre Isbouts, Young Jesus Restoring the Lost Years of a Social Activist and Religious Dissident New York Sterling cf. Kidger, Star of Bethlehem, The medieval Jewish thinker Ibn Ezra believed that it was a Great Conjunction in the sign Leo BC that had importance with respect to Jesus’s birth, while Bar Hiyya associated the following Great Conjunction in Virgo in AD with the emergence of Christianity Sela, Abraham Ibn Ezra, Joseina Rodr? guez Arribas, The Terminology of Historical Astrology according to Abraham Bar Hiyya and Abraham Ibn Ezra, Aleph Historical Studies in Science and Judaism [ , Parpola, Magi and the Star, Hughes, Star of Bethlehem Mystery, Cf. Konradin Ferrari-D’Occhieppo, The Star of the Magi and Babylonian Astronomy, in Chronos, Kairos, Christos, ed. Jerry Vardaman and E. M. Yamauchi Winona Lake, IN Eisenbrauns Parpola, Magi and the Star, suggests that the Magi left Babylon on Tishri coinciding with the second conjunction and then, a few paragraphs later, he contradicts himself by suggesting that they departed in early Tishri. It is all very confusing because Parpola claims that early Tishri corresponds to October, when earlier he stated that Tishri October Moreover, if the Magi left in early Tishri, then the second conjunction had not taken place and hence they had according to the hypothesis proposed by Parpola no basis for going in a westward direction. Holiday in Boke – Boke Travel 2016.

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