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Holiday in Berne – Berne Travel for After the cotton gin debacle, Whitney turned to the manufacture of firearms. He was awarded a federal contract for 10,000 muskets in 1798, largely because he proposed a more standardized practice of manufacturing that would cut down on the hand-finishing typically required of guns. Whitney is sometimes credited with developing the idea of interchangeable parts for manufactured goods. This is not quite correct: although Whitney staged an 1801 demonstration for government officials, including John ADAMS and Thomas JEFFERSON, suggesting his musket was made up of standardized parts, his own arms factory was never able to put this principle fully into practice. He is better recognized as an early publicist of mechanization and interchangeability, ideas that in turn influenced others, including Samuel Colt and Henry FORD. BIBLIOGRAPHY. David A. Holiday in Berne – Berne Travel 2016.

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