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Holiday in Bahia – Bahia Travel for If the coma was the water-jar and the tail was the water, the scene now was extraordinary a great river was flowing from the water-jar! That the comet ceased moving relative to the ixed stars at this time would have been duly noted by the Babylonian astronomers see Stephenson, Ancient History of Halley’s Comet, Azimuth is the distance in degrees, measured clockwise, along the horizon from due north to the point where a vertical line downward from a given celestial object intersects the horizon. Assuming n=. This does not take into account the brightness boost that would have resulted from the forward-scattering effect since the comet’s nucleus as it set on October , BC, had a phase angle of degrees, the sunward side of the coma would have been brighter by about magnitudes than our apparent magnitude values based on absolute magnitude and slope values would suggest see Marcus, Background and Model, fig Assuming n=. Initially the Sun rose when part of the comet was still setting in the west. From near the start of November, the comet would have been suficiently short that its end could be seen disappearing below the western horizon prior to sunrise. Could it be that the popular ish ichthus symbol in early Christianity was ultimately attributable to the Christ Comet climaxing and conceivably also beginning its apparition in Pisces the ishes? That seems more plausible than the proposal of Carl G. Jung On Christianity [Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press, , that it originated in astrology. Holiday in Bahia – Bahia Travel 2016.

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