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Holiday in As Sways – As Sways Travel for As lato remarked in one of his letters, knowledge of the Good can be engendered with the carefl se of reason, bt only in a sol that is itself natrally good7 An individal’s sol mst already be in good order for hilosohy to carry ot its dialectic work In the Reblic Socrates aears to choose his artners for conversation based on his sense of which sols are natrally good and hence have the otential for frther hilosohic ordering Socrates states that the fnction of seech is to inflence the sol The seaker mst know the kinds of sols he is addressing in order to tailor his seech to achieve desired reslts8 Very disorderly sols, resmably, are not worth the bother Socrates’ decision statecraft and solcraft 1 5 9 to carry ot the roject of constrcting the city in seech in the Reblic was based on his leasant srrise at the natral orderliness of the sols of those available to take art in the conversation, namely Adeimants and Glacon, the older brothers of lato Holiday in As Sways – As Sways Travel 2016

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