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Holiday in Amazonas – Amazonas Travel for It is unclear whether, during the time that the Star was descending in altitude, the Magi anticipated that it was about to pinpoint the very house where the messianic baby was staying. Certainly, however, when they saw the Star standing over the house, they believed that its movements that night had been intended to usher them irst to Bethlehem and then to the Messiah. If the narrowly inclined comet had a visible spike antitail at this point, this could have contributed to the impression that the comet was pinpointing very precisely one particular house. Personal email message to the author, September , Gary W. Kronk, personal email message to the author, September reckons that the magnitude was at least Venus, which would have set just over an hour after the Sun, on November ? and had an apparent magnitude of around The presence of the – to -day-old Moon or – to -day-old waning gibbous Moon nearby on November /?/ and November /?November /December respectively may have dimmed the view slightly, but the sight would nevertheless have been magniicent. As regards the earlier part of the night, if they were traveling to Bethlehem on November BC, the light of the Moon and the brightness of the comet together would have guided the Magi there. If they were traveling from Jerusalem to Bethlehem on the th or th, the Moon would not have risen at the point that they were on the road. Holiday in Amazonas – Amazonas Travel 2016.

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