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Holiday in Amapa – Amapa Travel for Regardless of whether they traveled on November ? or the Moon would have been present when the Magi were looking for the child in Bethlehem on the th to th the Moon would have risen within a couple of hours of their arrival in Bethlehem. It should be noted, however, that the more one moves into December, the more the comet would struggle to guide a traveler in the right direction from Jerusalem to Bethlehem since it was beginning each night farther to the west. That is approximately when John the Baptist was conceived. Personal email message to the author, September , Kronk’s comments were based on my orbit and the fact that the comet was irst spotted between one and two Jewish years before Herod’s slaughter of the innocents. Seargent, Greatest Comets, David Seargent stated back in that we have no reason to suspect, from examination of the appearances and durations of historical comets, that any comet for which an orbit has not been calculated was of noticeably higher absolute magnitude [i.e., greater intrinsic brightness than these [the comets of , and , among others Comets Vagabonds of Space [Garden City, NY Doubleday, , The year-long comet mentioned by Josephus may be an exception to this, as may be the progenitor of the sungrazer system of comets reckoned to have had a nucleus of km in diameter and an absolute magnitude of – see Schaaf, Comet of the Century, cf. Holiday in Amapa – Amapa Travel 2016.

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