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Holiday in Akershus – Akershus Travel for However, the threat of violence is clear and imminent in this situation. Thus we are justified in interpreting such a threat not as a form of coercive power but as an exercise of force. Once power gains enough coercive strength to deny all effective forms of (nonviolent) resistance or refusal, as it may through the cultivation of intense fear for one’s life or limb, it effectively ceases to be power. To remain a form of power, influence must meet with resistance, understood as a competing form of power. Once power effectively destroys all competing forms of power, that is, once power denies freedom altogether, it is transformed into force. Hobbes considered the use of violence by rulers legitimate because everyone has an interest in internal peace and external security. This peace and security could not be assured without a Leviathan threatening the use of force and occasionally employing it. Holiday in Akershus – Akershus Travel 2016.

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