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Surviving translations of Greek works made in the scriptorium include the Historia Ecclesiastica Tripartita, the Antiquitatum Iudaicarum libri XXII and the Adumbrationes in Epistulas Canonicas, all carefully supervised and corrected by Cassiodorus himself. Ho Chi Minh City Metro Map But Gaudentius’s De musica and some of Origen’s homilies are lost. At the age of 90, aware of the grave linguistic crisis that now gripped the land of Italy, Cassiodorus composed his last work, De orthographia. After his death in ca. 580, Vivarium survived for some decades, but by the 7th c. its famous library was being dismembered and dispersed. As a man, Cassiodorus had no particularly prominent characteristics. In the years dedicated to serving the Gothic kings, he attempted a far from clear justification of the barbarian presence in Italy; the intuitions of the period post conversionem were soon overtaken by the Benedictine rule. His works, purged of their stylistic excesses, exercised a great influence on medieval Latin prose; his Institutiones formed a basis for the cataloging of many medieval libraries.

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