Herat City of Afghanistan

Herat City of Afghanistan for The WPS was the first computer with which an ordinary person could interact, said Wang. This user-friendly machine brought Wang quick fortunes. In the early 1980s, Wang Labs ranked the 11th largest American computer manufacturer, with a work force of 24,800; in 1984, Wang was the fifth-richest person in the United States, with a personal wealth of $1.6 billion. The expansion of business brought Wang to Lowell, Massachusetts, near Boston. In 1976, he bought a piece of land in Lowell for a production site; two years later, he moved his company’s headquarters there. Wang Labs created job opportunities: in the early 1980s, it employed 14,000 local residents, and drew many other business companies to settle in Lowell, thus resurrecting the town from an enduring economic depression. Herat City of Afghanistan 2016.

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