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Heard & McDonald Is. Map on Locke entered civil service, and was soon spending more time in London than in Oxford. Though he was not associated with the business world in any way, he became acquainted with practical matters of trade, and was appointed as secretary to the Council of Trade and Plantations, and eventually commissioner for promoting colonial trade. As a cautious supporter of the opposition to King James II, Locke was deprived of his academic appointment in 1683, and was briefly driven into exile. He found refuge in Holland until William and Mary had assumed the crown following the Revolution of 168889. By the time Locke returned to England, he was already an established scholar. He spent the remaining years of his life writing, including the Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690) and Two Treatises on Government (1690) while holding minor government positions and occasionally advising political leaders. He was responsible for organizing the Board of Trade in 1695 and served as a commissioner of the Board until 1700. Heard & McDonald Is. Map 2016.

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