HEALTHY MORNING ROUTINE Vegan Breakfast Bulletproof Coffee 5 Minute Journal Yoga Meditation

HEALTHY MORNING ROUTINE Vegan Breakfast Bulletproof Coffee 5 Minute Journal Yoga Meditation

Hi my name is Aggie well that’s not me that’s my cat cookie and welcome to my morning routine post in this post. I’ll show you all my healthy routine secrets that. I try to do every morning especially when, I’m out traveling. I start my day at a.m. Monday Sunday rain or shine. I use the sunrise alarm that wakes me up with a gradual light and nature sounds is supposed to imitate sunrise and helps wake you up more naturally. I started using it recently because whenever. I use my phone. I ended up spending half an hour staring an Instagram instead. I hang out with my babies peanut butter and a cat cookie the reason, I’m insane enough to wake up. So early is because otherwise. I get total anxiety waking up at or and, I feel like. I have this entire list of things to do. I have to catch up with and, I feel guilty spending time on my own meditating or taking care of myself and getting up early makes me feel like the entire world is still asleep and, I can focus on being instead of doing. I start my bathroom regime with brushing my teeth with fluoride free toothpaste one is made by Jessica Alba’s honest company, I’m not going to go into detail about why.

I use fluoride free but in general Florida has been linked to lowering down thyroid function fatigue weight gain her loss is oppressive as. I just try to avoid it. I then move on to washing my face with Origins mega bright skin illuminating cleanser. I just find out see very few products actually don’t give me more acne and this one’s great And Because I live in California. I always always always use a sunscreen first thing in the morning and as you can see my little helper yes peanut does not leave me for a second one thing. I always always do in the morning even if. I stay in a hotel is to make my bed otherwise. I mentally feel like my in her life is out of order and it’s a mess and that way. I just feel like, I’m in control and, I like it clean then. I open my windows and move on to some proper stretching. I then take a few minutes to stretch and to be honest with you of times is just simple yoga Sun Salutation it only takes me a few minutes but whenever.

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I skip that part of my morning. I feel horrible as you can see anything downward facing the upward facing dog surrounded by my dog and my cat which of course is very distracting but they are just too cute for me to be angry with them. I then take my babies downstairs to feed them if. I don’t do it straightaway they will immediately remind me by scratching at their cancer food as you can see have both cat food and dog food. I have two cats and one dog this is cook it you see very curious in the camera this is peanuts and, I have to be linked to those cute dog and cat balls that are got with me aligned this is jellybean my third cat and this is cookie cookies only five month old but he’s the biggest troublemaker of them all and while my zoo is eating. I then move on to have some hot water with lemon this is the absolutely no negotiable part of my morning. I usually mix a half a glass of hot water with half a glass of hot water and make sure that my water is alkaline apparently it’s good for the boy that’s the time when. I started browsing my Instagram mostly. But I also go check up my YouTube and catch up on all the emails well maybe not read the emails. But I mostly stay on Instagram for way too long hey when, I’m feeling lazy. I just add lemon to my water but when. I have a little bit more time. I always try to add ginger cayenne pepper and too Rick they’re all anti-inflammatory boosting metabolism helps with infections and they also little spicy.

So they have a nice kick to start my morning. I didn’t move on to have some coffee now. I use special non-athletic coffee. I then blend a shot of coffee with bulletproof brain obtained collagen powder and coconut milk this is my vegan version of the famous bulletproof coffee it’s totally normal by the way for that coconut monster gets very thick in the fridge but it all it takes is to blend it in the blender for literally seconds even less than that and my coffee is ready it’s actually delicious it’s a very easy way for me to save my morning. Because I don’t have to think about what, I’m going to eat it goes me out for at least an hour. So I can go to the gym but before. I do. I get rid of the noise from my head and that means starting with the morning pages if you have not read the book call the artist waiver Julie Cameron you have to it’s absolutely life-changing it’s about how every single one of us is an artist and you have to start your day by writing three pages or whatever comes to your head to kind of clear your mind to let creative ideas come to your head. I find it extremely helpful and, I highly commend the book to you. I then move on to the five-minute journal minute journal it’s like gratitude practice that you can buy a book you can get an app and all you do first thing in the morning is to write down all the things that you’re grateful for and what you’re going to do to make it today spring also write down a few affirmations for example. I am kind. I am grateful and you repeat the same process in the evening was great is that there is a five minute journal app what the app looks like. I do the same thing affirmations which is like reminders about who you are and who you want to be finally. I move to the comm app. I find this to be my most favorite meditation app out there as you can see there are plenty of meditation to choose from aiming specifically at an area you want to practice and on top of that there’s a new meditation every single day that’s time for minutes and it’s exactly what. I need – tomorrow morning at this point it’s already past. I am and, I’m ready to hit the gym however for the last month. I decided to run at the beach everyday instead of going to the gym. I have been traveling. So much recently.

I felt like. I don’t take advantage of the Sun that. I live less than minutes from this beautiful ocean and beautiful beach where. I have energy. I run but when, I’m feeling lazy and don’t feel like running. I just walk to the water and literally stare at the beauty of the Pacific Ocean amazing display Zurich and, I still find it. So hard to believe that. I lived in Los Angeles minutes from the Hollywood sign in Beverly Hills did. I get to enjoy an entire beach all by myself and just stare at the ocean totally loved it now it’s time to show you what. I ate for breakfast when, I’m not very creative then. I go for my most favorite snack which is banana with almond butter. I know it’s super pretty appealing but it’s my absolute favorite my second go-to option for breakfast is grain with granola with fresh coconuts we can see chia seeds this is actually beetroot cereal from Whole Foods it actually is really good. I try to avoid a gluten and oatmeal. I just kill it and make me sluggish and heavy. I like to add a little bit of food. But I know you know supposed to fight dirty a day we sleep in the morning and of course vegan yogurt or almond milk on top of that and some more coconut, I’m pretty elliptical condom and my third go-to option for breakfast is just toasted avocado. I avoid losing location before. So I go for paleo bread it tends to have less carbs and it’s a little healthier than whatever preservation source. I put some basil pesto a little bit of avocado, I’m. So obsessed with level color probably even more than this coconut. I add some tomatoes or radishes or cucumber or Hulk salt and pepper and blah it’s ready and here you can see all the breakfast options put together now it’s time for my green tea is the blend of sentient matcha Japanese tea that. I absolutely love and unfortunately. I do eat my breakfast while going through emails and replying to your messages or editing my YouTube post and the only other thing that. I do at this point is to call my grandma and my parents back in Poland because of the time dear friends and by that time it’s already a.m. and time to start my day anyway.

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