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Hawaiian travel packages for This lead to his seminal work titled Interregional and International Trade in 1933. Ohlin acknowledges the immense influence Hecksher’s writings had on his trade theory and particularly Hecksher’s paper in 1919 titled The Influence of Foreign Trade on the Distribution of Income. The trade theory came to be known as the Hecksher- Ohlin Factor Endowment Theory. The main question posed by this theory was how nations trade with each other. The earlier trade theories had focused on the Absolute Advantage (Adam SMITH) and Comparative Advantage (David RICARDO). There was no discussion of how the countries got the advantage; hence, the factor endowment theory proposed that the trade pattern should stem from the availability of resources within a country. Factor abundance and factor intensity formed the building blocks of this new theory proposed by Hecksher and Ohlin. Hawaiian travel packages 2016.

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