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Hawaiian rentals on 43/4, 1968); Mark M. Krug: Lincoln, the Republican Party, and the Emancipation Proclamation, The History Teacher (v.7/1, 1973); Stephen B. Oates, With Malice Towards None: The Life of Abraham Lincoln (Perennial, 1994); Carl Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years (Harvest Books, 2002); Abraham Lincoln, Collected Works, www.hti.umich.edu/l/lincoln. Hawaiian rentals 2016.

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Parents tone of voice in speaking to children, their gestures, their affection, their willingness to play with children all communicate to children that they are valued and well-loved family members. Parents provide encouragement when they give children independence to act on their own even babies can have opportunities to amuse themselves, feed themselves, and as toddlers, share in family chores so they learn their own capabilities, identify the child’s positive contributions and help It’s a real help when you empty the waste baskets, or Thank you for taking the napkins to the table, and teach children to ask for what they need so parents can better meet the needs. Tell me what is upsetting you so we can see what can be done. Parents encourage children by teaching them how to do basic self-care routines and chores like dressing themselves or making a bed. Parents anticipate that children will need time to develop skills, and they do not criticize or tear down children’s confidence with statements like, I can do it for you faster, or You are too little to set the table.

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