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Hawaii visitors guide on When the SPD cast its lot with the German government at the start of the war, the anti-militarist, internationalist Luxemburg openly split with the party. With Karl Liebknecht, she founded an opposition group in 1916, calling for an end to the war through revolution and the establishment of a proletarian state in the aftermath. The organization was named the Spartakusbund after the Roman slave who broke his chains and led an insurrection for freedom. This Spartacus League did not achieve much success during the war and Luxemburg once again was imprisoned. Upon her release in November 1918, during the chaos of the German revolutionary movements, she quickly sought to mobilize the workers of Berlin to create a leftist government for Germany. With Liebknecht, she formed the German Communist Party shortly thereafter. On January 15, 1919, both Luxemburg and Liebknecht were arrested. Hawaii visitors guide 2016.

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