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Launched in January 1995, the T’bird was joined by the Adventurer later that year, the same basic bike but with Harley-influenced styling. This acquired a 19in front wheel for 1999, and an orange/black colour scheme in January 2001. The Legend TT, launched in May 1998, was intended as an entry level cruiser, with less chrome, a single-colour paintwork and lower 725mm seat. It was soon (for ’99) upgraded with red/silver or green/silver paint as the Legend De Luxe, and for 2001 reverted to a single colour of red, green or black. By then it was nearly £1000 cheaper than the Thunderbird, though the secondhand difference in value is small.

The most significant addition to the

The Legend TT and Thunderbird make for a different sort of cruiser.

Early Daytonas are more sports-tourers than out-and-out sports bikes.

Relative values which model for you?

This chapter also looks at the strengths and weaknesses of each model, so that you can decide which is best for you. Hinckley Triumph evolution divides into two, the two families of bikes sharing very little in terms of actual parts. Spine-frame bikes were built from 1991 to 2004, and all use the carburettor-fed versions of Triumph’s three- and four-cylinder engines, mounted in a substantial steel backbone frame. From 1997, these were supplanted by the new generation of fuel-injected bikes, three-cylinders only, with aluminium alloy frames, and the latest 1050s are a development of these.

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