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Hawaii trip planning for Non-alignment was to be a defense against both colonialism and neocolonialism. As an expression of this unity against colonial occupation, Israel was never allowed to become a member of the non-aligned movement. The subsequent leaders of the non-aligned movement include many historic figures such as Fidel Castro of Cuba and Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Primary motivations. The primary motivations of this movement were to maintain newly gained independence; to ensure territorial integrity of newly decolonized states; to inculcate peaceful co-existence among states professing different social, political and economic systems; to build an environment of mutual trust and mutual benefit; and most importantly not to get embroiled in the Cold War. In effect, it was a third world response to the Cold War shaped by history of struggles against imperialism and colonialism. Its vision was eloquently formulated by one of its leaders: We believe that peace and freedom are indivisible, and denial of freedom anywhere must endanger freedom elsewhere and lead to conflict and war. Hawaii trip planning 2016.

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