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Hawaii travel tips for It may also take other forms as maximization of attainment, relative to the actual knowledge of goals or it may be viewed as deliberative process of decision-making Rationality may also be defined as a process where decision agents follow predesigned selection rules that have been consciously constructed to create a best strategy to realize goals and objectives as willed by decision agents. By combining the concepts of planning and the notion of rationality a more elaborate definition may be stated. Planning as a mode of rational analysis and decision- making is a cognitive instrument that enables the holder to make choices of strategies and tactics according to certain defined standards of logical consistency. These provide the decision agent with a framework to explain the underlying reasons for the plan and the embodied decision-choice strategies and tactics, and how the facts and judgments are put together to determine the sequence of decision actions into the planning period. The defined standards are the predesigned selection rules. The analysis and design of the rational selection rules constitute the logical structure called the theory of planning that defines the process. Process. Hawaii travel tips 2016.

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