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Hawaii travel agencies on Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy (Harper, 1950); Joseph A. Schumpeter, History of Economic Analysis (Allen & Unwin, 1954); Mark Blaug, Economic Theory in Retrospect (Cambridge University Press, 1996); David Riazanov (Goldendach), Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (International Publishers, 1927). ZELJAN SCHUSTER, PH.D. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN Matsushita Electrical Works MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC, headquartered in Osaka, JAPAN, was founded in 1918, when 23-year-old Konosuke Matsushita started a small workshop with only two employees (his wife and brother-in-law) to design, make, and market an improved attachment plug. Since then, the Matsushita group of companies has become a comprehensive, worldwide electronic-product manufacturer whose products range from digital components to consumer electronic products, home appliances, factory automation equipment, information and communications equipment, and housing-construction products. Ranked as the 45th-largest company in the world in 2002, Matsushita had nearly $55 billion in sales. Hawaii travel agencies 2016.

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