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Hawaii to do on D. INDIANA UNIVERSITY, BLOOMINGTON Microsoft THE LARGEST PRODUCER of consumer-level computer software in the world, Microsoft products include the most successful operating system (the various incarnations of Windows), the most successful internet browser (Internet Explorer), and the most successful productivity suite (Office), each of which are considered the industry standard. Microsoft ultimately has been credited with turning computers away from a mere toy of hobbyists and toward mass, popular acceptance, but the company has also been accused of bullying the industry and operating as a MONOPOLY. Microsoft was formed in 1975 by Bill GATES and Paul Allen, two childhood friends and, later, both Harvard University dropouts. Upon discovering the Altair 8080 (the first computer designed for home use, available as a assembly-required kit), the two wrote a BASIC programming language program for the machine and began selling it to computer companies such as Radio Shack and Texas Instruments. Gates and Allen moved their company from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Washington State in 1979 and proceeded to produce a wide variety of programming- language software programs. At a time when computer companies primarily focused on hardware and proprietary software, Microsoft only sold software that was compatible with a wide variety of hardware. Hawaii to do 2016.

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