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Hawaii things to do for Trade with the EU, and other countries, remains vital to the economy. Agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors all benefit the foreign trade market, 59 percent of Portugal’s GDP. On January 1, 2002, Portugal also became part of the European Monetary Union (EMU) and adopted the EURO, signified by the symbol: ¤. Estimated trade income for Portugal in 2002 was ¤83 billion. From the Middle Ages through to the 17th century, Portugal reaped the rich rewards of trade as one of the leading explorers and colonizers of the then-civilized world. Adventurers, exploring the Americas, the Tropics, the Orient and the East Indies”all four directions of the globe”had found great rewards in unexplored corners of the world, and claimed these lands for Portugal, settling BRAZIL and sections of Africa, INDIA, CHINA and JAPAN. Merchant routes to and from Portugal crisscrossed the open seas. Hawaii things to do 2016.

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