Hawaii island vacation


Equipment Includes:

13.5kv Generator European Air Conditioning BTU 54000 I0HP Bow Thruster Stern Thruster

Stripper Ropecutters to both propellers Life Raft – fixed Elec.Aft Deck Winch (2)

Engine communication link plus Caterpillar Communications Adapter II – hardware and software -monitors engine computers on a read only basis (original cost around £2500)

Electronic Radar / GPS/ VHF -Raytheon – all repeated on flybridge (original extra cost around £ I 1,000) Chain Counter

Handheld Mathers controls on wandering lead with controls for engines, bow thruster and stern thruster (original cost approx £2800)

Grey Water Tank Additional CD Player Additional Loud Speakers 6 additional 220v sockets Racor Filter for Generator

Washer / Dryer 4 No. Azimut Fenders Sprung Mattresses – all beds 2 x Stools for Saloon Super Grand Deluxe Upholstery TV System with Antennae Venetian Curtains in Owners’ Cabin Bimini (white)

Bimini &Top Cover (blue) – complete enclosure with clear screens

Cockpit Cover

220v Auto Power Supply to Fridge Automatic Power Selector Large Fitted Anodes 2 x Expansion Bottles to Engines Black Mesh Covers for Windows Deluxe Curtain for Entrance Door TV in Saloon – combi VHS Crane for tender Cradle for tender

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