Hawaii island hopping

Hawaii island hopping for Contextual planning model. This model relies on the logic of planning that is guided by ideology and value premises acceptable in the context of social time. The set of contextual planning models includes comprehensive, institutional and socioeconomic planning. Each of these planning models shape the strategy and tactics of the planning process, the theoretical structure that emerges and the information support that is required to operationalize and implement the prescriptive optimal decision rules embodied in the plan. Concluding questions. In conclusion, the following epistemically modified questions adopted may be posed. How rational are the prescriptive rules derived from the theory of planning? Is it conceivable that the optimally prescriptive algorithms and procedures for rational behavior implied in the theory of planning might worsen rather that improve the chances of actualizing the willed potential if such rigid rules of prescription are followed? Is it possible to conceive an organizational system that can be rationally controlled in the sense of being engineered, directed to preferred destination and monitored according to human cognition, reason, and will? Can such a rational system, if implemented, improve the conditions for the organization and hence the welfare of humans as focused by planning? 652 planning These questions are not intended to discredit planning and the theory of planning. Hawaii island hopping 2016.

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