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Hawaii island hopping packages for It is important to note that, while developing a theoretical framework to explore Orientalism's accumulated capacity to control natives' lives down to the core of their existence, Said also examines the historical trajectories of resistance, recovery, and revival of subjugated cultures and peoples; and further explores how these activities are reported in the Western media, academia, and official discourses. Said's Orientalism was complemented, refined, and completed by his magnum opus, Culture and Imperialism, in which he articulates the notion of the contrapuntal method, which is both a political and an academic technique for critiquing one-sided history, for inserting missing links into the institutionalized memory and forging a polyphonic scholarship that contains a multiperspectival gaze. Said's critical apparatus can be summarized in terms of eight primary concepts: 1) discursivity, 2) representation, 3) subject positioning, 4) positional superiority, 5) poetics, 6) strategic location, 7) strategic formation, and 8) the contrapuntal method. The notion of discursivity deals with essential plot lines and themes of a series of 18th-, 19th-, and 20thcentury narratives constructed to define self and the inferior other.

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Hawaii Island Hopping Packages

Said argues that one cannot possibly understand the efficiency and controlling capacity of Orientalism without examining it as a discourse. It is precisely its constitutive rhetorical function that provides with basic information about how European culture was to manage”and even produce”the orient politically, sociologically, militarily, ideologically, scientifically, and imaginatively during the post-Enlightenment period. The idea of discursivity is closely tied to the notion of representation.

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