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Ignition coils can fail at 20-30,000 miles, betrayed by misfiring, and the spine-frame four-cylinder bikes are more prone to this than the triples. They used twin double-ended coils, and the triples three single-ended coils. Misfiring may also be due to plug leads coming loose at the plug end, and on cruisers, with the engine more open to the elements, water can find its way down to the plugs, allowing them to rust into place over time – that’s a rare problem though, as the cruiser Triumphs tend to be used on dry days only.

Another ignition problem is the ignition pick-up triggers. If the bike starts well from cold, dies after about 10 minutes, then is OK again after cooling down, this is likely to be the cause. The triggers are relatively cheap and easy to replace, though on faired bikes, the bodywork has to come off to gain access, and the connector underneath the carburettors on spine-frame machines is awkward to disconnect blind.’

Batteries are relatively easy to replace, but still an expense, and if the bike has been sitting unused over winters, the battery will have suffered, unless it was kept topped up with charge. It should have no problem spinning the big motor over from cold.

Most wiring is out of sight. Watch for home-brewed modifications.

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