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very close to the side of the fairing, on the left-hand side of the bike. If the machine you’re looking at is being sold with damage on that side, check that the engine runs exactly as it should.

When looking over the seller’s bike, you can’t really take the tank off to check the state of the wiring, but you can check that absolutely everything electrical works as it should: lights, horn, indicators, all the warning lights and switchgear. If heated grips are fitted (standard on the Sprint ST from September 2003, and a popular option before then) check that they work on the test ride. If anything doesn’t work, that’s a good downward lever on the price.

With the engine idling, the alternator light should go out. If it doesn’t, the alternator isn’t charging. The alternator drive shaft bolts can fail on pre-2002 bikes, manifested by a rattle at idling speed. From 2002, bikes had a hollow drive shaft with a long through-bolt which cured the problem.

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