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I wish I were on another boat. She was fabulous seven tonnes, a great ride and a safe sea boat.

I know I picked right. Alistair Holding-Parsons surround of seating that quickly converts to a sunpad. Loafing needs are further served by an icebox, wet-bar and plentiful drinks holders set into the lids of storage lockers.

A rejig below decks allows the helm to be split into two with a separate port-side navigator’s seat and a smaller console for the skipper. The new interior layout sees the galley and heads compartment swap from starboard to port, and changes the old mid-cabin’s athwartships bunk layout to a more conventional fore-and-aft arrangement.

The saloon is longer and more luxurious, featuring a neat entertainment centre complete.

Hawaii guide for Indeed, the relevant geographic market may be local, national, international or even global (for example, this was argued in the civil aircraft industry when the Boeing Mc- Donnell Douglas merger took place). As far as defining the product in question is concerned, consider, say, the market for bread. Is the relevant market so narrow as to include only sliced white bread, or is it as broad as to in- 572 monopoly clude all possible different types of loafs of bread, rolls, buns, muffins, pita bread, nan bread, pumpernickel, tortillas, and so on? The answers to these questions usually lie in CONSUMER BEHAVIOR. Principally, whether consumers seem to consider different products as substitutable for each other. One way of measuring this is to see how demand for one good is affected by price changes in the other good. The second difficulty faced in identifying monopolies is that true monopolies rarely exist. In the real world what is of actual concern is usually that a single firm dominates a market, even though this firm may face some smaller competitors. Hawaii guide 2016.

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