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Hawaii family vacations on This German-speaking principality is governed by a hereditary constitutional monarchy, and in fact, it is often referred to as a representative republic. According to its modern constitution, state power proceeds from the ruling prince and the people. With its 11 municipal areas and a population of 33,000, its constitutional neutrality proviso requires that it refrain from all foreign aggression and political alliances. In the post-WORLD WAR II era, Liechtenstein underwent an industrialization in which it developed into one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Its refusal to bow to rigorous banking regulatory oversight, while maintaining the secrecy of its financial institutions, has made Liechtenstein into a prospering financial haven along the lines of neighboring Switzerland. Finally, its magnificent wealth creation is helped along by a lack of public debt and low tax rates. Minimal taxes are imposed on multinational corporations, making it a popular refuge for international business headquarters. Hawaii family vacations 2016.

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