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Chs. 11 13, on the apostles, prophets and teachers, are of primary importance for determining the milieu in which the Didache originated. These give instruction on Christian hospitality toward itinerant ministers. Hawaii best places to visit The organization of the Christian mission reflected in these chapters recalls the situation that we find in W Syria, leading us to place the origin of the Didache in that region, despite other indications that could favor Egypt.

Since the Didache is a compilation from various sources, the question of its date in fact becomes the question of the age of the traditions of which it is composed and the question of the terminus ante quem of the final redaction of the work. For the latter, we align ourselves with A. Adam and J.-P. Audet, who maintain that the whole of the work goes back to the 1st c. With this, we rule out the late dating of the work to the 2nd c. or later, on account of a supposed use by the Didache of the NT writings and, eventually, of the Epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas; it also seems to us difficult to maintain the thesis that would spread the history of the redaction of the Didache over the first two centuries.

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