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Hawaii best islands on 2 percent of all land but accounts for 8 percent of the GDP and employs 20 percent of the workforce. The Great-Man-Made River Project takes water from underground in the Sahara Desert and brings it to the agriculture oases and coastal ports to support this workforce. Small industries now make up 18 percent of GDP and employ 15 percent of the workforce. A $5 billion investment in building up the tourist infrastructure is scheduled for completion in 2005. Railroads, coastal tourist resorts, and developed ancient ruins such as the Roman town of Leptis Magnus promise to increase this component of the Libyan economy. However, the negative perception of Libya in international politics, despite recent efforts at image control, are expected to limit tourism. The Libyan economy is run ad hoc despite state control of industry, banking, and development that ranks among the best in Africa. Hawaii best islands 2016.

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