Hi welcome to another episode of Monday motivation. And if you’re reading this on the Monday morning welcome. I hope you’re not feeling either lazy or tired or demotivator or overwhelmed or hopeless about your life situation but if you do. I am here for you. And I keep thinking what can. I say to you that would make you live your life to your fullest potential because it’s So like. I, I’m the smartest person in the world. I am NOT for sure. But I record these particular posts in their prime estate what, I’m feeling confident about my potential about your potential. And of course there are days when, I’m feeling like oh my god. I totally suck, I’m like the most untalented person in the world my life my life is horrible. And I don’t know what, I’m doing. And I’ll never be successful of course that’s the time when, I’m not recording posts but, I’m recording these posts that, I’m feeling awesome. And I want to share that energy with you the feeling of ultimate unlimited possibility that’s out there for doing for you. And for me. I realized one thing in life the more you appreciate what you have the more you get in life like if you’re ungrateful you don’t attract the good things the law of attraction, I’m not even going to go into the law of attraction today. But I do want to tell you something amazing that.


I heard recently that really stuck with me. And it’s about what is happiness. And I know. I know happiness is here we go again how to be happy. But I want you to realize this that people the they did studies. And they realize that happiness is the difference between your expectations. And your reality. So what does it mean it means that if you have very little because you grew up very poor. And all of a sudden someone gives you thousand dollars. And you never expect thousand dollars or like you expect in, dollars in office. And someone gives you ten thousand dollars like oh my god like that’s beyond my expectation that makes you happy. And if you feel like you never thought that amazing relationships could be this good. And also you meet someone. And you’re. So in love. And you never thought you never knew you could feel like this that’s when we get happy that’s when we become happy these are our happiest moments when we are surprised because the reality exceeded our expectations by far well if that’s happiness that you can realize that a lot of people are not happy. And it doesn’t matter if they’re rich or not because what happens the more successful you are the more expectations you put on yourself. And others the more you compare yourself to others. And how much they have. And how much they do. And how much they make. So it’s very possible that you can be an a billionaire that’s super. And happy because your expectations of what you’re supposed to do, I’m very high you’re especially much. So high that the reality even if reality is just as good the reality is not that far from your expectations or could be lower. So for me. I could be expecting to like. I want to be like. I know Oh hundred. And thousands of people to watch my posts. Because I think they’re.

So extremely helpful. I don’t understand why no one’s reading my posts. And stuff like that. So my expectations are high. So I could be like oh it’s only hundred peoples. I can be. So disappointed. And technically unhappy but if my expectation is you know what, I’m recording these posts for one person because if. I can help one person out there whenever she’s feeling low because I’ve been helped. So many times. And I want to return the good karma. And if one person in the world watches it at some point maybe not the first day maybe you know the first week but maybe a month down the road. And it motivates them to be happy that’s already enough that’s one person. So the fact that. I get like hundred views on these posts it’s already beyond my expectations. Because I only expect my sister. And my good thinking my parents to watch these posts because what would anyone watch posts of a girl that they don’t know talking about happiness. And talking about life. And whatever if they don’t know her. So here it is the expectations there’s versus reality. And this is what makes me happy now. I am NOT an expert. And you know. I have very high expectations of myself of others of my reality. And they find it fight it. So hard. Because I know that without gratitude. I will never be happy. And I want to be happy that’s the key in life if you ask a thing every single person in the world who do you want to be. I want to be happy. And to be happy you have to change your expectations for appreciations for gratitude. And yeah, I’m gonna leave you with that today. And I really hope that you will be able to say thank you thank you thank you times a day. And appreciate everything that you have. And think about like what you from years ago would think about your life that you have today, I’m sure there would be some things that the you that you from years ago would be the collagen this is real like is this your life oh my god always wanted to be let’s change expectations for appreciations. I appreciate you you the one person that’s reading these posts apart from my family. And thank you for reading thank you. So much. And sending you lots of love. And I’ll see you on the next Monday motivation x bye.

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