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Hamburg Subway Map on The much-publicized opening of the first McDonald’s in Moscow, Russia, on January 31, 1990, was a cultural shock for Soviet consumers and a source of wry analysis for some Western commentators. The U.S. fast-food premiere near the Kremlin, once the bastion of communism, was a standard McDonald’s restaurant like any other (managed by a Canadian entrepreneur), with the same standard menu. Soviet customers were surprised by McDonald’s proven efficiency, the employees’ smiles, and also were shocked by the high prices for meals. Often criticized for its standardization processes, McDonald’s has, however, inspired some sociologists who theorized about the globalizing consumer society in terms of the McDonald-ization of society. Although American sociologist and author George Ritzer criticizes McDonald’s food, that he perceives as saturated with salt, sugar, and fat, he nonetheless considers this ubiquitous concept as a modern example of Max Weber’s rationalization theory. Hamburg Subway Map 2016.

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