Hamburg City

Hamburg City for Starting in the 1980s, the bank began focusing on projects that would directly benefit a developing nation’s poorest people. The bank attempted to accomplish this by providing loans for urban development, rural and agricultural development, and small-scale enterprises. During this time, the bank also expanded its support of projects geared toward ecological concerns and energy development. The 1980s debt crisis played an integral role in the evolution of the bank’s operations. By the early 1980s, the bank was increasingly involved in shaping economic and social policies of indebted developing countries. As a loan condition, these countries had to institute severe structural adjustment programs, which usually required major cuts in health and education spending, liberalization of trade, deregulation of financial sectors, World Bank 921 privatization of enterprises, and elimination of price controls. Rather than restoring economic stability, these programs often exacerbated the conditions. Hamburg City 2016.

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