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Acts of Paul, Acts of John, etc., as in the Gospel of Thomas discovered at Nag Hammad®. Toward the end of the 2nd c. an example of moderate orthodox encratism is given by the so-called Sentences of Sextus, a compilation of ascetic sayings of pagan origin that had been christianized. Encratic currents, flourishing in the 2nd c., continued in subsequent centuries. Haiti Subway Map According to Eusebius HE IV, 29, 4-5, the leader of certain 3rd-c. Encratites was a certain Severus, of gnostic tendencies, whose disciples accepted the OT but rejected St. Paul. According to Epiphanius Panar. 47 there were numerous Encratites in Phrygia and Pisidia in the 4th c. A certain number of epigraphs, considered as belonging to these groups, Haiti Subway Map have been published, though it is not certain whether the encratism referred to was actually heretical. In the 4th c., in fact, we see in monastic and ascetic circles generally an ever clearer recovery of evgkra,teia, which becomes almost the essential connotation of monastic life, Haiti Subway Map though here and there it continued to arouse suspicions because of the radical forms it could sometimes assume. Various ascetic motifs which, at least formally, closely recall the encratism of the 2nd c. have been recognized specifically in Messalianism, but even those were, at least in part, recovered by the Great Church.

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